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Why and what is job?

Why and what is job?

why and what is job?



  • Better policies for better lives.
  • Having a job matter’s a lot for a well being, but the quality of that job also has a major impact on that life.
  • The Good quality job helps people to develop their skills a lot.
  • Make them fulfill their ambitions and make them useful in society.
  • People who hold a quality job are generally healthier, more productive which also contribute to firms performance.
  • The Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD) has developed comparable measures of job quality, by working at the individual experience of people overwork.

This measure focuses on actual outcomes, for work in three broad areas:-



aEarnings quality:- How does employment contribute to material and living standard.

b. Lab-our market security:- How high is the risk of becoming unemployed, what are the economic consequences of being lead off.

c. The Working environment:- How much pressure does work involve, how much control the people have, over the task they perform.

  • Working time arrangements
  • Opportunities for learning
  • And the work-life balance.
  • Along the port dimensions of the quality of the work environment, measure in this way.

Job quality is madly widely across countries:-

a. Denmark, Finland, and Germany are among the countries that generally have the highest job quality.

b. Estonia, Portland, Hungary, Greece are among those that have comparatively low job quality.

c. Big differences also exist across groups of works.

d. Youth and the unskilled tentative lower quality jobs, men tend to pay more than women, while women generally enjoy a better quality of work environment, the prospect will be able to move to a better position in the future, is another important aspect of job quality, being stuck in the low quality job in a early part of a quire, affects the long-term prospects in terms of earnings and working conditions, the Organisation for economic co-operation and development finds the improving job quality, does not mean lower job quality and company compose combined high employment level with good quality jobs. This is why the leaders of G-20 countries, are committed to create not just move jobs, but better jobs.

Now after so much discussion over job, let us discuss about the career growth in job:-

a. Once we complete our degree we are in search of job.

b. And after 2 or 3 years of getting job at least once we think about starting our own business.

Discussion over career growth in job and career growth in business:-

JOB(while employee you are guaranteed)

  • If you are working in a company then you are guaranteed to get your monthly pay, no matter how much work you do.
  • Set working hours and holidays.
  • Most of the times you are told what you need to do.

But if we talk about business

  • How much you earn and how much your business grows is decided by you.
  • When you work, where you work and for how long you will work depends on you.
  • You decide what you do.

let us take an example, which makes you clear about the growth rate in job and growth rate in the business.

In this example we are going through the life journey of a BE PASS and BA FAIL student.

  •  Rama-swami after completing his B.E. starts working in a big multinational company.
  •  Where he gets a big salary.
  •  Everyone congratulates him.
  •  Family member feels proud of him.


On the other hand,

  • Rama-swami’s neighbor mada-swami fails B.A.
  • So his family members get upset.
  • Now mada-swami doesn’t have any interest in the study.
  • He wants to start a business.
  • And he was getting many suggestions for that.
  • But he needed 2 lakh rupees to start the business.
  • He borrows money from his mother and uncle and starts the business of selling milk.
  • Because of the big salary, Rama-swami buys the bike on his credit-card.
  • And mada-swami starts selling milk on his old bike.

6 months passed

  • 6 months later Rama-swami repaid 20% of bike loan.
  • He still has to pay 80,000 rs.

On the other hand,

  •  Mada-swami had returned 1 lakh rs to his uncle.
  • He still have to pay 1 lakh Rs.

1 year passed

  • One year later Rama-swami is thinking about the good hike.
  • But because of recession none of the employees gets a good hike.


At the same time

  • Price of 1-liter milk increases to 14 rs.
  • Due to which mada-swami’s profit increases by 30%.
  • And he returns 1 lakh rs to his uncle.


  • Rama-swami repays his bike loan with the problem.
  • And buys furniture, TV, and laptop on 2 lakh loan.


  • Due to profit in business, mada-swami buys 12 more cows from his profit and doubles his income.


  • 2 years later Rama-swami gets 10% hike and buys the car on loan.

On the other hand

  • Mada-swami buys 2 acres of land for his 3 dozen cows.
  • Till this time milks price increases by 30% and his incomes become 200% greater than Rama-swami.
  • Therefore now mada-swami buys a car to sell milk.

2 more years passed

  • Rama-swami buys a home on 40 lakh rs, at the same time mada-swami has 126 cows and 2 homes.

On the other hand,

  • Rama-swami gets 10% hike, while milk price increases to 40, because of which mada-swami’s incomes become 500% more than Rama-swami.

After 5 years Rama-swami is disturbed because mada-swami is an owner of 4 crores and has a monthly income of 5 lakh, and he have 25 workers, while at the same time Rama-swami’s annual income is 7 lakh and 40 lakh rs loan.


  1. In 2008 the milk price was 10 rs but now it is 40 rs.
  2. Similarly, the gold price was 12,500 but now it is 30,000.
  3. Hence, in this period employee’s average salary increases by 30%, but commodities price increases by 300%.

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