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Who are the democratic candidates?

Who are the democratic candidates?

On june 26th and 27th , the top 20 democratic presidential candidates go head to head in Miam. Kicking off arguably the most important televised event of the 2020 primaries so far, but with 20 slots to play for and nearly two dozen contenders, not all made the cut.

The unlucky ones included Steve Bullock, Seth Moulton and Wayne Messam. To avoid a kids’ table style debate where lesser known candidate appeared in a seprate draw to make sure that some of the biggest names were on stage nights. And a second drawing was held to mix up the lesser known candidates.

First and Second Night

The first night includes the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Amy Klobuchar. On the second night Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders go up against Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg along with some lesser-known candidates like Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang.

The final results, its worth noting that Biden and Sanders, who have been one-two in most national polls, will get the chance to face each other in person. But sanders and Warrem, who are competing for a similar pool of liberal voters, wont.

When it started?

The race started three months ago when the DNC announced the rules for qualification and it left some candidates fighting for a spot. Here’s how it played out. To qualify for the debates, candidates needed to either achieve atleast 1% in three national or early primary state polls or raise money from atleast 65,000 dollors including a minimum of 200 each in 20 states.

Polling gave candidates who have national support a shot at debates. For some of well-known candidates like Biden, Sanders and Warren, this was an easy win, but for some like Michael Bennet and Bill De Blasio, it wasn’t so easy and they barely made it.

Then, there was a separate push for the donor threshold. The DNC said it introduced this rule to encourage candidates to connect with grass roots voters and show they had the financial support to run a campaign, and with the stakes so high, candidates pulled out all the stops on digital marketing.

The DNC said 14 candidates met both criteria and six qualified through polling only. The same requirements will be used for the july debate in Detroit, but in september, it will get much tougher.

Candidates will need 130,000 donors and atleast 2% in four early polls. Currently, more than half of the candidates are at risk of falling short.

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