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Create a Human Bank

Create a Human Bank

During informal discussions, people representing the entire spectrum, from the ordinary to the most successful have rated this concept of “Human Bank” as extremely important. I also support the concept of ‘develop human bank‘ and ‘role models’ to my acquaintances in India, soliciting their views.

What is Human Bank?

To create a human bank means to nurture relations with people whom we think can play a positive role in our personal and social life, and in the pursuit of success. If we dedicate few hours in week too develop relationship with such people who excel in their fields, then we are bound to be guided towards success in our life.

It needs to be remembered, many requirements cannot be met by money alone, but could be conveniently met through good relationships. When in need, these special acquaintances will be ready to help you even at midnight, or at any place in another country.

Fruits of Human Bank

This bank of human relationships can be utilized to make acquaintances for financial support, gaining knowledge, guidance and opportunities. If we prepare a list of selected people from different areas of accomplishments and develop a good rapport with them, these people will not guide us, but also help in times of need.

Power thinking suggests, ‘It is foolish to dig a well when you are thirsty, one should have made a provision for water before hand.’ Therefore, rather than looking around for help when in times of difficult, one must have some acquaintances who can pull you out in difficult situations.


People with whom you must develop relations

We must get associated with ordinary people as well as people with extraordinary caliber, people from all walks of life, who can support us in good as well as bad times. We must know which people should be included in a human bank.

A spiritual guru

In whom you can confide, and seek blessings foe happiness in your life.

A police officer

Who can help you in a messy situation even at an unearthly hour.

An influential leader/politician

Despite your best credentials, when you are being side tracked or superseded by incompetent people, an appropriate letter of reference, or a word, from the right source is very helpful.

A Doctor

Who can serve you even late in night.

A medical storekeeper

Who can supply you life saving drugs even after he has pulled down the shutters of his shop.

A Lawyer

Who can support you in any legal situation.

A Journalist

Who can broadcast your achievements.

A team of learned people

With whom you can spend time in valuable discussions to improve your vision.

Leading people related to your work

Who can guide you towards success.

Few good friends

Who are ever ready to stand by you, at all times, without any invitation and precondition.


Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Why this Human Bank?

Some people may consider the idea of formation of “Human Bank” as driven by extremely selfish motives. But I do not subscribe to this view. If you stay in company of good people who are good, important, and successful. Some of their virtues are bound to rub on you, and elevate your faculties and prowess. It enhances your social status, and embellishes you with an air of importance. Being helped by them in times of need, is only a by-product. Their association itself raises your status.

Each week, we spend several hours in useless gossip, TV or mobile, sleeping extra hours or in some kind of worthless or unproductive work. Instead, if we invest these hours in making a human bank, it would fetch us a thousand times more dividends.

How to initiate?

  • In this text, ample stress is paid upon being in the company of selected people.
  • Remember, if you are a common person, you have to take the initiative to approach them and be in the company of best people. To develop relationships with their esteemed clients.
  • So get started on the process of making a human bank.
  • For this, you do not need to desert your old friends, but only connect yourself to new friends.
  • Sit down peacefully, prepare a list of the important areas in your life.
  • Then link the necessary people of each area to your chain of Human Bank.
  • When required, do their work with sincerity and dedication.
  • Once you have strengthen your ties with them, you can unhesitatingly approach them for help. You must visit them without any obvious reason or work, spend quality time with them which will lead you towards your own betterment.
  • Just as a person with a large bank balance, feels secure and confident.
  • So also a person with a strong human bank will not fear any misfortune because he will have many people to guide and support him in times of need.

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