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 Digital marketing


  • DIGITAL MARKETING strategies.



Digital Marketing is a marketing strategy to promote business online for brand awareness and business development.


It can be defined as marketing process where we want to reach a targeted audience who you are using online as their medium for the source of information.

Basically, It is a marketing strategy to connect with your users/customers. So that our company can do brand awareness i.e we can create awareness, about our product or our services and secondly we want to increase the business of our client.



What is Brand Awareness?

Consider a company

Example- Apple, they have launched a new version of the phone say for example apple 10 then,

Firstly, they will spread the message across all the channels so basically they will do the heavy branding. In-fact on you-tube, there are running lot of ads i.e basically a brand awareness among the people.




Business development is also called as LEAGUE GENERATION and SALES. Where our focus will be on targeted audience, we will be on targeted audience. We will not target everyone in that situation as business development point of view. We have focused on our target users and targeted audience.




  • Digital advertising invites mobile engagement.
  • Digital and mobile marketing go hand in hand.
  • This kind of digital advertising allows you to reach your audience on the go wherever they are, whenever they are online.



In a very simple way, digital marketing is a process or a method by which we attack customers to our website or app or to our business and we will do brand awareness. As well as we will do the league generation and business development with the help of digital marketing.



Now the question arises why should I do it?  Is it really important- one company or client will come to you and say already we are doing traditional marketing. We are investing some “x” amount in television ads. We are advertising on paper media. We are advertising on radio media etc.

So, Why should I use it, Why digital marketing is important for me?



Digital marketing, is in demand nowadays, because of the following reasons:-

  • High Reach
  • Better Targeting
  • Cost Effective
  • High Engagement
  • Better ROI



(a) High Reach:- Reach means the number of people to whom we can show our ads, show our marketing, reach our marketing is known as the reach.

(b) Better Targeting:- Targeting means how well I can be able to focus on my targets, am I reaching to my target audience effectively in a perfect manner or in a perfect way, what client wants, am I giving him a something i.e called as your targeting.

(c) High Engagement:- Engagement in the sense can the customer connect with our ads? Can the customer connect with our marketing? Can he take any action? So that I can calculate what is the action taken by the customer. That is going to be considered as engagement.

(d) Better ROI(Return Over Investment) :-

  • It is the last and most important factor for every business owner, or any company or any client is that what is RETURN OVER INVESTMENT.
  • If I am investing let’s say for example 1000 US$ in the campaign, what is the return I am going to get, no one can tell you the number, no one can tell you exactly this return we can get.
  • But what we can do is with the past data with different analysis method one can predict that this is the investment we have done. Than we can expect that this will be the outcome over marketing.


10 Killer Digital Marketing skills to Master



This is the area which most digital marketers ignores, understanding the marketing fundamentals means, understanding the entire consumer decision journey.

By a consumer decision journey, one mean to understand how a consumer thinks and buys a product.

These are the stages consumer goes through while buying a product which are awareness, concentration, and purchase.

  • Let’s say, you have to buy a car, the first step required to buy a car is being aware about the brand, you need to buy the car from.
  • The second step, would be evaluating a set of brands and then closing one of those to finally come to a decision, the last step will be taking a decision to buy a car.
  • Now across each of these stages, the consumer goes through a lot of thought processes in head, its important as a marketer to understand the consumer at each of these stages which we like to call the funnel(Top funnel, mid funnel ant the bottom funnel).


2 and 3 skill

One need to know how to ACE advertising channels(Paid and organic)
Let us talk about the first set of channel

The paid advertising channels, the one which gives you marketing ads.

  • Now there are multiple paid advertising channels across the funnel (Facebook, Google Re-marketing, display, email whole out of buzz words which you have heard).
  • Its really important to know each of these channels and to understand where to apply these in the funnel.
  • You need to understand how Facebook ads runs, and runs manual campaigns on Facebook.
  • You need to understand how user searches for a particular product on google and how can you advertise on google using ad-words and you need to master that channel.
  • For the users, who have already visited your website, you need to understand the re-marketing channel, you would have seen lot of banners, after you visit a product on a particular website and you see them everywhere, how does that happen, that happens through re-marketing .
  • You need to understand that channel really well to make the customers convert. So their are whole network of paid marketing channel, which you need to master, so that you are able to spend your money in the right way and the most efficient manner.
Let us talk about the second set of channels

The organic channels– One which makes the marketing head happy, which are the free channels, seo, content, social, PR(public relations) all these channels, are channels which we need to master for you to get free traffic on your website.

We need to understand the basics of seo fundamentals. You need to understand that how content delivers, great consumer experience. You need to understand, how can you use social media for engagement, and you need to understand how to hack PR(public relation). All these skills are required for you to become a great digital marketer, which a market head loves.


4 Skill

Understanding the channel strategy

Now let us take an example here, Let’s say you are a IPL auction manager. Your job is to make the most audition money. What you need to do is to understand which player is the most efficient and will make most efficient use of money too. Let say you have a player which is a top batsman but is costly, but at the same time he makes lots of runs also.

On the other hand, let’s say you have a bowler who is not so expensive, but at the same time he delivers decently. Then you need to balance all this out and at the same time you need to maintain the cost and on the other hand you also need to deliver return over investment.

Similarly as a digital marketer, you need to know which channels are expensive but at the same time will give you more results. While there must be some channels which are not much expensive but gives you medium results. There might be some other channels which are not much expensive but does not give return over investment.

These are 3-4 pillars you need to understand for you to become a robust digital marketer strategist and if you want to move from digital marketer to digital head, this is the most important skill required.



Communication is a X factor in a digital market journey. You need to be a awesome communicator to become a awesome digital marketer. Let us take an example here


  • What do you see on Nike’s holding when you go out?


  • What do you see when NIKE advertise on internet?

They will advertise on content or They will advertise on fitness.

  • What do you see when you go on Nike’s store.

Most comfortable sole’s ever made.

Can you see a difference here :

  1. At top of funnel they are talking about just do it.
  2. At mid funnel they are talking about athleticism/ fitness.
  3. Bottom of the funnel they are talking about the actual product.

This is how you need to think as a Digital Marketer.

Different communication layers at different levels of consumer’s journey.


Data Driven Marketing

DATA DATA DATA, Data is the biggest tool on your journey to become a Digital Marketer.

First of all you need to understand where does the data reside.

There are multiple sources where your data will reside.

  • It will reside in google analytics.
  • Also resides in customer relationship management(CRM).
  • Reside in sales team.

As a marketer you need to know where is the data which you are looking for, secondly what data you are looking for.

You want to be sure the data and points you want to capture.

Once you get this data, the biggest thing of all is the how do you analyse those data.

What are the insights you take out of this data.


7 Skill 
Technical skills 

This is an area where most digital marketer struggle for every small little thing you need to go back to your engineering technology teams.

For example

  1. If you need to make landing page, you need to go back to your designer to make design of the page.
  2. To go to front end developer to make HTML page and to the engineer manager to develop the back end for the page.

Now if you are dependent on these guys, it will take the whole time of yours to deliver a project therefore it is important to become self-dependent.

Learn basic technical skills of CSS, HTML, WordPress, SQL etc.

All this will take you to a long way in digital marketing journey.



Now when you heard of product marketing, you probably thought that this is not digital marketing is all about. But think about what you are doing about at the end of the day, you are marketing a product and its important to understand the packaging of product and the communication around the product as well. You need to understand the 4 P’s of marketing which are related to the product:-

  1. Product feature.
  2. Price.
  3. Plan.
  4. Promotion.

You need to understand the pricing of the product, you also need to understand the distribution channel, and also promotional mechanism of the product, features and benefits of product.

If as a digital marketer, you understand the product so well it will really help you in making a campaign successful and outlast a other market.


Project Management 

Have you ever thought how much time does it take to impact your peers, to get into meetings to getting those things done getting all the operations done with when you are running a campaign.

Its important to understand the basics of project management, set your priorities, how to use time, how to interact with people and get the most out of it, as a marketer this could be your another tool or significant addition to your skill sense.


Experimentation and Passion

Now this is bonus, Experimentation and passion. As a digital marketer you need to be really curious. You need to learn more and more experiments and you need to be passionate about it.

Digital Marketing changes so much in no time that you need to make sure that you learn everything and keep learning. Plus you need to really experimental with whole of the things.









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