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Top 10 Internet Entrepreneur of India

Top 10 Internet Entrepreneur of India

“Zero to one moment in business happens only once. The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Lerry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. And the next Mark Zukerberg won’t create a social network”.

10. Alok Kejriwal

Website:- Games2Win
  • Likes to be called Robinhood, Alok Robinhood Kejriwal (his name on linkedin) is an Indian Entrepreneur. And CEO and founder of Contest2win group of companies.
  • One of its subsidiary Games2win is global top 20 website for online gaming.
  • Alok Kejriwal is from a business family. After completing his M.com from mumbai he started working in his father’s company which was a stock manufacturing company.
  • Then working for decades in his father’s company which was a stock manufacturing company.
  • And working for decade there he started dreaming of starting something of his own, after all entrepreneurship is what he wanted.
  • In 1998 he left his father’s successful business and started Contest2win an online game advertisement firm.
  • After moderate success of contest2win he started mobile2win a mobile value added service company which was sold by him later. Later he hit the jackpot when he founded games2win an online gaming platform which is now among the 20 global online gaming site.

His success mantra

Just don’t stop experimenting. This new age business life is all about hits and misses, not planning or serious thinking.

Just do it not once but all the time.

9. Anupam Mittal

Website:- Shaadi.com

Founder and CEO of world’s largest matrimonial site shaadi.com.

  • Anupam mittal is no way a normal person who just started a website which succeed in time.
  • Actually the way he started and dreamt about Shaadi.com is quite creative and inspiring.
  • Anupam mittal founded shaadi.com after he met a marriage broker in India who went door to door carrying bio-data in his suitcase.
  • Mittal figured an online medium would increase a person’s chance of finding the right person. And there comes the concept of company which is now worth of billions of Indian rupee.
  • Mittal completed his MBA from boston university and came back to India with a dream of starting his own company.
  • As soon as he got the idea of shaadi.com he started working on it without wasting much of the time. By the time passes Shaadi.com succeeded and became world number one matrimonial site.
  • As per record shaadi.com has matched 2 million couples worldwide.

8. Manmohan Agarwal

Website:- Yebhi.com

Manmohan Agarwal is founder and CEO of e-commerce portal yebhi.com.

  • Started as online retail store for footwear named bigshoebazar.com.
  • Later Manmohan agarwal started yebhi.com under bigshoebazar group which is now online retail store of shoes, apparels, bags, mobiles, cameras, sunglasses, watches, home furnishing, home decor, home-ware, Kinetic and fragrances.
  • Agrawal initially started Vishal retail to sell footwears but he soon understood that physical store have the limitation of customer base and soon he turned toward online retail market.
  • Currently yebhi.com is one of the top e-commerce site in India with more than 1 million customer base.

7. Dinesh Agarwal

Website:- Indiamart.com

  • Dinesh Agarwal founded world’s second largest online B2B market place Indianmart.com. Which is second only to chinese giant alibaba.com.
  • After working few years with HCL technologies in USA, he returned to India and started intermesh a web development company.
  • Later he started Indiamart.com , a directory of all the websites he developed. From there he got the idea of creating an online marketplace for B2B.
  • Back in 2000 when Indiamart survived the dotcom bubble burst. Indiamart had 70000 listed business, 1000 paid suppliers and generated somewhat like 400 crore business for its customers.
  • Now the figure is different, today it has 50 lakh buyers, 10 lakh registered suppliers, including 50,000 paid customers.

6. Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal

Website:- Snapdeal.com

  • Kunal Bahl a Wharton graduate and Rohit Bansal an IIT alumnus started snapdeal.com back in 2010 as a daily platform.
  • Later it turned out as online retail store website. Soon with a combination of leadership and detailed tech knowledge and understanding of market it grew up to as one of the largest in online retail in India and currently have more than 18 million users.

5. Deep Kalra

Website:- makemytrip.com

  • Deep Karla recorgnized very early about the power of internet and travel booking through internet. In 2000 Deep Kalra founded makemytrip.com now India’s number one travel booking site.
  • After completing his MBA he joined ABN Amro bank in 1991 and then GE money and reached senior level within 8 years.
  • But in 1999 dream of starting something own and going on tough path of entrepreneurship emerged and he gave his comfortable job.
  • With one of his friend he created blue print of a travel portal on a napkin and with in one year it real look and launced a new travel portal makemytrip.com.
  • Since than he had faced many problems achieved many success but he never gave up his entrepreneurship dream. And right now owing the India’s number one travel portal.
  • During dotcom bubble burst in 2000 and then decline in tourism after 9/11 attack was some of the major set backs for deep Kalra. But he did not give up, instead he decided not to draw salary for 18 months.

4. Ajit Balakrishnan


Chairman and CEO of Rediff.com Ajit Balakrishnan founded internet company rediff.com back in 1995.

  • Before that he was running an ad-agency redefussion which itself was a success.
  • He invested 2 crores Rs in rediff, which he earned from redefussion and did not made salary from rediff for 3 years.
  • Later in 2001 Rediff was listed on NASDAR and Balakrishnan is now known as one of the most creative entrepreneurs of this age.

3. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal

Website:- Flipkart.com

  • They were IT graduates, working for Amazon as software developer living wonderful life.
  • But dream of starting their own ecommerce company was what in their mind and they left amazon to start something of their own.
  • They started Flipkart a book selling portal, initially it was started from a room where they get orders on phones. And then they pack it themselves and deliver it across Bangalore.
  • Word of mouth did the work for them and soon Flipkart.com was launced on online book portal.
  • Since then they never turned back and flipkart saw immense growth and today ranked number one E-commerce portal in India.
  • They refused Amazon’s Acquisition several time and now growing well with their business ideas.

2. Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Website:- Naukri.com

  • Sanjeev Bikhchandani is the owner of infoldge limited famously known as Naukri.com group.
  • Other big companies in the group are matrimonial site jeevanthi.com property site 99 acres.com.
  • But it was not all easy for Sajeev Bikhchandani initially, he had no idea about what internet is, what is website. But only one thing he wanted after passing out from IIM Ahemdabad was to start something of his own, become his own boss.
  • He cofounded infoedge as a survey company. Later he had a thought about job database which can be accessed by many.
  • Later in an exhibition he found about internet and website and that was the eureka moment for him and there he decided to launch his own website naukri.com a job portal for Indian user.
  • The path was not so easy but still he went on it.
  • Today Naukri.com is number one job portal in India, and Infoldge is the first Internet company of India listed on stock exchange.

1. VSS Mani

Website:- justdial.com

Just dial was started by VSS Mani with 50,000 Rs and a rented apartment and a rented furniture in 1997.

  • But his dream of starting a phone based search engine was much older when he was working as a salesman for united database as local directory company.
  • He with three partners started such company but because of minimum telephone uses at that time. The idea did not work and he left the company giving all his shares.
  • He then did various work like wedding planner and tried his luck, only aim was to save enough money to start his own phone based search engines.
  • Finally in 1997 he did that, he faced many problem initially specially in finance as no one wanted to invest in once failed idea. He had to mortgage his wife’s jewelry to run business and also did not took any salary for first two years.
  • But one thing that main says is that quitting this venture never came in my mind and today the results are in front of India. Recently just dial had its IPO and now listed in Indian stock exchange with share price of nearly 600Rs.
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