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Social Media Optimization-SMO

Social Media Optimization-SMO

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

What do we learn in this?

In this, we learn how do we give more revenue more to our business through social networking sites.

What is Social Media Optimization?

1. Promote your business organically using social networking site, that is called as Social Media Optimization.

  • Without paying to promote business on social networking sites, using manpower or man-effort.

2. Get maximum reach-ability of your ideal users.

  • What is the ideal user?

          Let us take an example:-

a.  I am organizing an event which is only for army officer, now if I am promoting my business anywhere, then I will need army user to get this event information. So here ideal users will be an army man.

b. On the other hand, if I am organizing an event for students then, in this case, students will be my ideal user.

c.  And if an event is organized for old age people then, in this case, the ideal user’s will be old age people.

This means if I need maximum reach-ability of the ideal user then we can get it through social media optimization because through social media optimization we can reach to those people who use social media.

And we know this that at present social media sites are famous, every child, student, professional person, aunt, uncle everyone uses social media site and are connected through it.

Therefore for best reach-ability of ideal user best means is social media-site, if on this business is promoted then it is known as social media optimization.

3. Best for local business to promote them.

From here one can easily promote their local business at a good level because if talk about search engine than it is not necessary that we are talking about our local business, one can only target for this specific keyword.

And if we talk about social networking sites then specific reason, a specific city, specific country, the specific state also one can target a local area also through social networking sites.

4. Easy and cost-effective

In this you need not give much payment, it is freely available, but if you run a paid campaign on this then that is a different case and if you use it very normally then you require net power, not any additional money or additional cost.

So it is very easy in working no physical limitation, in which at what level you want to promote your business,you can.

You are sitting in one area then also you can promote your business to any level, one can promote their business easily but the only condition is that you promote it correctly.

No physical limitation to promote your business/organization/ companies.


In the present scenario we have a various number of sites.

What are the top Social networking sites through which we can generate revenue?

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. LinkedIn

4. Google+

5. You-tube

These are those top social networking sites through which one can gain more and more ideal and local users and can give maximum to maximum profit to business.


How this is possible?

Let us take an example of corporate info-com Pvt Ltd website.

If I have to do Social Media Optimization of the corporate website, for this in need to know what type of business is this, corporate info-com Pvt. Ltd. is an IT company which provides a number of services like:-

  • Website development.
  • Website designing.
  • E-commerce solutions.
  • PHP to HTML conversion.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • SEO Packages.
  • Web hosting
  • Domain Registration.

Basically, all will come under online marketing work.

And there target is in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Pillani, Bikaner, Ajmer, Ahmedabad, bhopal, indore.

Now my mind will be set for the thing that Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. is a website for that I need to do Social Media Optimization and it provides these many numbers of services.

So I will promote this on linked-in, Facebook, Twitter and on you-tube.


Step I :-

I will be designing a Facebook page and there I will update all the information.

  • Timely updations.
  • Active on site.
  • High likes.
  • High Rating.
  • Branded Company.
  • Level Of company.
  • High reviews
  • High visits.

This all indicates that it is a well-mannered, well professional, brand type company, therefore, I can give service easily to this.

Facebook is used because it catches user’s mind easily, one can use it for local business reach-ability, this will generate more profit, Facebook is the best way for that.

And if you are active on social networking sites then this increases your search engine optimization or helps you in search engine optimization of yours.

Direct information/ training/interest related things, new courses, technology, workshop all must be posted timely.

Step II.

Increase reach-ability on groups of Facebook on which you are connected, maximum reach-ability through face-book is a good option.


  • If you wanted to be brand on an international level then you have twitter as a good option.
  • Twitter is one platform on which in fewer words you can make your own name as a brand.
  • On Twitter, you have a limit of 140 tweets.
  • Through which you can communicate with the user, you can share in which thing you are related or you are active.
  • It is not every time necessary that you are doing for profit.
  • But One should be regularly active on site.
Key Points :-

I. For Local Business – Facebook.
II. For international level business- Twitter

3. LinkedIn

  • But If I am a company or running a company or there is a group of people who are providing service in the professional field then,
  • It is very necessary to be in touch with professional people because we can share our ideas with professional people, we can tie-up, we can do a group discussion.
  • In the coming years how technology can be upgraded to advance level can also be discussed.
  • To be connected with professional people best option is linkedIn.
  • Also, we can share our information.
  • Connected to professional people.
  • Addresses employee who is famous on linkedIn
    Timely activities.
  • Connect to groups on LinkedIn.
  • You must follow the technical person.
  • Must be updated with the LinkedIn page.
  • A normal user can also get connected.

4. Google+ :-

  • It is a platform on which you get profit for Search Engine Optimization, also profit in local business.
  • One can also increase review here.
  • You can create your page on google+.
  • You can share your information, Update latest activities, each and everything you wanted to share can do.
  • In Google plus you can make a community, you can combine with different people.
  • You can give the name to a community.
  • And can share your thoughts for whatever purpose, you have made it.
  • In this community, you can also promote your business also.

All the above-mentioned things are very normal and generally, everyone does,or one should do.

Key Points:-

A. On Facebook, we have a group.
B. On twitter we have list.
C. On LinkedIn, we have a group.
D. On Google+, we have a community.

5.  You-tube

  • But if you wanted to set confidence in users to mind that what you are actually, to what level you wanted to connect through user for that best option is video.
  • Because in text you have written that you provide these all things in groups you shared, but a video is a place on which you can share your experience, in which you think of which level of experience you are having, for this you-tube is the best option.
  • Myspace video etc there are many sites where you can share your video.
  • The you-tube is the biggest search engine in the present scenario, mostly people searches on you-tube for taking any type of information, knowledge, update.
  • One can also communicate with you on you-tube, with all the videos that you have shared through the comment section, in which they can mention what type of information is further needed so that you can add that in a further section.
  • The complete tutorial platform, where you will give information related to online marketing which is necessary for your business.
  • In this way through social media one can promote their business on the local level as well as international level or to catch ideal user.

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