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Search Engine Marketing-SEM

Search Engine Marketing-SEM


Search Engine Marketing

Let us first discuss what is difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing?

  • When we do search engine optimization, the only problem is that you need 3-6 months for bringing your website on google’s top ranking, it also depends on, which type of content you are writing and how many people refers you.
  • But in Search Engine Marketing, One need not to wait such long, you just need to give money to google, as you will give money to google, your website will be showed on top.
  • It is basically an sponsered way through which you can bring your website on google’s top ranking.
  • When your website is on top rankings then your chances are more for bringing trafic to your website.
  • As a result, the sale or your market purchasing of products will increase, also enquire about your product.
  • More the traffic on your website more profit will be there in your business.
  • It’s use depends as per your business requirement, mainly in festive season:-
  1. Diwali season.
  2. Rakhi season.
  3. Makar sankranti season.
  4. Rainy season.
  5. Christmas season.

More on top more business you will get.

Example:- Camping Equipment.


What is Search Engine Marketing?

SEM(Search Engine Marketing) is the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines.

Ads of the kind

  • Ad-words.
  • Bing Ads.
  • Yahoo: Search Ads

On Search Engine’s like

  • Google
  • Ad-words
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
    Google and Bing are most visited search engines.

What is Search Engine?

Search Engine is like a Directory where people searches for the information they need and get results according to their need.

  • In these search results where you stay, is decided by you.
  • Organic success is not easy, but it is very necessary.
  • Paid success is easy but how much you will pay depends on you.
  • The more you pay more traffic you will get and more business you will get.
  • What one need to see is that, which product is in demand, which product people are searching for, so that as per your budget you get business.

Digital Marketing

In digital marketing we have two things which are as follows:-

  1. Demand Fulfilment.
  2. Demand Generation.

What is Demand Fulfilment?
When people are searching for any product and your advertisment is appearing there,then people will immediatly click and will enquire.

What is Demand Generation?
You need not that product or business but that advertisement comes to you and you like that advertisement, so may you can purchase that product, if not at present then later.

For Example:- There is a SalesMan, You need not that product, but he/she will come to your door and says purchase this, these many things you will be getting for free as offer and due to offer you may purchase it.

Search is BIG?

  1. Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on an average.

2. This means there are over 3 Billion searches per day.

And as per recent research

On google

  • 50,159 to 60,000 search are there in 1 second.
  • From this approx 29,192 to 30,000 GB of internet traffic is generated in 1 second.

Types of network in GOOGLE?

Google has two types of network :-

  1. Display Network.
  2. Search Network.

What is Display Network?

Display advertising lets you:-

  1. Create all types of ads text, image, interactive and video ads.
  2. Place those ads on websites that are relevant to what you are selling.
  3. Show those ads to the people that are likely to be most interested.
  4. Manage and track your budget, campaings and results as you go.

What is Search Network?

Search ads lets you

  • Create all types of text and e-commerce ads based on the keywords.
  • Those keywords are picked on the basis of search intent(search reason).
  • They are either
    1. Informational(How many people like watches?)
    2. Navigational(Where is the closest watch stone?)
    3. Transactional(Buy watches online)

Where can you place your ads?

  1. Text ads on websites.
  2. Image ads on website.
  3. Video ads on website.
  4. Ads on mobile website.
    With the help of Google.

How can you target?

Ad-words search

  1. Keyword
  2. Location
  3. Bidding
  4. Language
  5. Demographic(Age group, interest, Gender)

AdWords Display

  1. Keywords.
  2. Interests.
  3. In Market Segments.
  4. Specific placements.
  5. Topics.
When to use AdWord search and Adword display?

Adword Search

  1. Accuracy is higher as demands are met.
  2. Limited budgets, quicker leads.
  3. Re-targeting combination works brilliantly.
  4. Used when a direct role is required/specified.

Adwords Display

  1. Here you generate demand.
  2. Require good budget for convensions to happen.
  3. Great for creating awareness.

Different types of GOOGLE advertisements?

  • E-commerce Ads
    1. You can run E-commerce ads through google.
    2. Where you display your product directly.
    3. It is having less click through rate, because people donot purchase immediately, many people searches for that word, product but after clicking not purchase only check-out.

  • Search Ads
    1. Advertisements are displayed.
    2. Ad between words. Example- Regiser now, Apply now, Subscribe now.
    3. Call to action commands are present.
    Ex:- Mobile Analytics.
  • Display Ads(Images)
    1. Banner Ads
    2. Images are used.

  • Display (Text ads)
  • You-tube Ads (Images)
  • You-tube Ads (Video)
  • Gmail Ads

What are the things required to run Google advertisements?


  1. For ad-words you need to create account on google advertisements where you can use your Gmail Id.
  2. There you need to create campaign and will also give name, and will group those words which has relevancy.
    Example: If I want to sell Digital Marketing Training, then Digital Marketing Training, Digital Marketing Course, Digital Marketing Education,Digital Marketing Program, Digital Marketing Instiute will be connected together.

What are KEYWORDS?

Those words which are in demand and appear more in search results, on which advertisements can be easily runned, or can be runned accordingly.

For example:-
GRT(Gross Registered Tonnage) Hotels:-


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