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Scientific approach to healthy living

Scientific approach to healthy living

Stop! Exercising

Do not exercise. Please don’t. I really want you to hear me about this. The vast majority of the people that are out there exercising are doing more damage to their bodies than health. I want you to hear me. Now let’s take a step back.

I am not saying that exercise is bad, What I am saying is that exercise while I’m saying is that exercise while you are malnourished or exercise while you have toxicity in your system is a bad thing. And It will do far more damage than it will do good.

What that means is, that long before exercising what you really want to work on is making sure that your body is properly hydrated and properly nourished. It has been noticed that thousands of people in over 20 countries around the world and here’s what we have found.

In only 3 months we can create massive change in the physical body. They can change their shape. The shape of the face, the shape of their gut, they can lose all the persistent far that they have been going to the gym to get rid of and it’s never helped and the reason being is your body does not want to carry that weight. It doesn’t Want to! Think about it.

Energy Storation

It takes energy, it takes energy for your heart to pump oxygen out to that extra tissue and you have to carry it around. Your lymphatic system has to clean it. Your body doesn’t want to carry that weight.

So what we want to do is make sure that you are so well nourished that your body knows that it’s safe to release that weight, that is safe to release that stored hydration and that stored energy.

And then what’s fascinating is by doing that. By boosting up your nutrition you create a circumstance where you will want to exercise, where you wouldn’t have to push yourself to do it, where you will truly want to do it think of it like this if you are missing really important nutrients.

And no I am not talking about using supplements to fix them. I am talking about using rational nutrition eating solid good food.

Malnourished Bodies

If somebody is a little bit malnourished and then they go out and really push themselves physically, aren’t they gonna get injured? Aren’t they gonna strain the body too much?

Yes, please before exercising: massively improve your nutrition that comes in your body and decrease the toxicity and junk that goes in your body and then, then jump into exercise.

That’s how you will create optimal health longevity and quality of life.


In next few minutes I want to share with you the power of food. Not opinion. But the evidence around what food can do for us. So with that let’s go ahead and get started and look at the data around the power of food and things you should eat more off and what you should eat less off.

In 2012 nearly half of the deaths that occurred were due to either eating too much of certain foods or too little of other foods and these deaths were due to heart disease, diabetes or stroke. The reason it’s such a big deal is because half of those deaths were simply due to what we put in our mouths and that’s something that we have the ability to change. So with that let’s start off our journey with looking at foods and nutrients.


What is the evidence around whole grains?

Well, if one start to look at all cause cardiovascular cancer mortality. The data shows that if you give me one serving of whole grain per day, you can actually reduce you all caused by 5% cardiovascular morality by 9%. And if you give me three servings or 90 grams per day of whole grains. You can reduce your total cancer mortality by 15%. That is an amazing change simply by one to three servings per day.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is really interesting because what we have found is that if you substitute whole grains for refined grains you can actually find that your resting metabolic rate can go up by as much as forty some calories per day.

  • Stool weight increases by 76 grams er day which means that the stool energy also increases.
  • If you do nothing differently you are actually burning an additional 92 calories per day.

Fascinating that a little change in your diet to whole grains can make.

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