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Madhya Pradesh-The Heart Of Incredible India

Madhya Pradesh-The Heart Of Incredible India

Madhya Pradesh a land of legends and sagas. A land dotted with fascinating monuments, that commemorate valor, celebrate love, glorify art and celebrate the birth life and rebirth of incredible India.


The story of Madhya Pradesh begins 17,000 years ago when prehistoric man lived in the hollows of its hills. The fine rock shelter caves of Bhimbhetka. Now a world heritage site is an open air gallery of breath takingly beautiful paintings that depict the life and times of the stone age man.


The Sanchi stupa India’s oldest saga in stone is an expression of rare art. Another world heritage site hits monasteries magnificent stubas, temples and pillars date from the third century BC to the 12th century AD.

A homage by the warrior king Ashoka to his great teacher the Buddha, the torrerns or massive gateways of the great stuba depict the jataka tabs of buddhas incarnations.


Khajuraho where each temple is essentially carved out of stone, each a celebration of the universal spirit of law. Yet another world heritage site, the temples of khajuraho are a tribute to the craftsmen’s artistry and the extraordinary breadth of vision of the chandala rajput kings. Under whose rule 85 temples came up within a span of hunderd years between 950 and thousand 5080 in an inspired burst of creativity.

A famous dance festival of khajuraho meets the sculptural marvel reflects its fassion and carries one back to the time of the opulent temple worship.


Mandu known as the city of joy was once filled with the great music and laughter. Yelling a beautiful love stories of beautiful queen whose king had lost in battle and who would love no mother. She sang to her beloved held captive across the river from the roopmati pavillion. Her love songs can still be hard to forget.

Built like a ship the Jahaz mahal pleasure craft that once housed the silk float out one some nocturnal joy. A hundred and twenty meters long with two decks this place is a sight to behold.


This land of legends is also the land of grandiose living. A 12 ton layer of crystal and cut glass hangs from the gilded dome of Darbar hale the javellian palace valley.

The gwalior fort described by emperor the fortresses of king dominates the city like a great monolith and is one of the finest citadel’s of India. And the marble chattris or senators of shiv puri commemorating the syndey dynasty are so intricately embellished that you wonder if they are of wax or marble.


Orchha’s grand villa is timeless, its palace and temples built by the Bundels rulers in the 16th and the 17th centuries retain much of their pristine perfection and are adorned with vibrant murals.

The Jahagir Mehal further reflects the spirit of royal extravagance the river font cherries or senators commemorating the Bundela rulers seemed frozen in time. Here a river rafting safari on the river Betwa is a life time experience.


At Bhedaghat near jabalpur behold the astonishing hundred feet high white marble rocks on the either side of the glistering waters of the Narmada before it narrows down and plunges in a majestic waterfall called “Dhuadhar” or the smoky cascade.


Come close to nature, welcome to the evergreens of pachmarhi known as the verdant queen of the Satpuras. This all your hill resort is famous for its forested hills stunning view points and lofty waterfalls.


Legendary craftsmanship of this land is also visible in the weft and weavers of the delicate hand-woven silk and cotton sarees of chanderi.

Places of worship

Madhya Pradesh is a land sanctified with faith, the holy city Ujjain was immortalized in Hindu mythology. When a few drops of heavenly nectar from the Sagar Manthan or churning of the sea spilled on its own legend has it that Lord Shiva lived here and to the Mahakal temple enshrines one of the twelve jyotirlings.

Another jyotirling is enshrined in the own garment at our temple at Omkareshwar on the banks of Narmada.

Subhanallah the call reverberates in the dome of Bhopal.

Taj-ul-Masaji one of the largest mosque in India. Bhopal the beautiful capital city of Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh is a fascinating amalgam of the old and the new. It is also home to the twin legendary and maheshwar finds mention in the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The hand-woven maheshwari silk sarees are yet another testimony to the extra-ordinary craftsmanship of this land.


That sleek golden body-The Tiger, the sal and bamboo forests are home to an amazing variety of wildlife. 22 species of mammals and more than 250 species of birds fill these forests adding to the wonderment of this habitat. Rudyard Kipling found his inspiration in these jungles.


Madhya Pradesh’s are as much about the past as about the past as about the present. Vibrant tribal festivities of Badoria in Jhabua and the awesome spectable of the gun of Simhastha in ujjain are as old as the civilization itself and are still pulsating with life.

BHOPAL INDORE JABALPUR GWALIOR are not only vibrant modern urban centers but a bustle with commercial activity and also a showcase of MP’s unique culture heritage and natural beauty. M.P at the heart of cultures, dynasties and religions. A land where time passed is preserved in the time present. A land in the 21st century and yet outside it.

Madhya Pradesh the HEART of incredible India.

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