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It is really exciting to see the momentum behind the android wear, what is fascinating is that when you take a traditional device like a watch and you add computing and connectivity and a layer of intelligence to it you end up transforming that experience.

Wouldn’t be great, if we could do that for more devices, the devices you run into your day to day life things like parking meters, washing machines, airport kiosk.

If you could get physical devices and connect them in at smart way to the internet, we think we can transform the experience for users, we call this as the internet of things, and their are a whole range of possibilities that one can imagine.

The most common thing that gets talked about are as follows:

  • Smarter home: Imagine your are driving in, your garage door, your lighting, your blinds,your music all working together to create a better home, may be to save energy in the process.

But there are possibilities to go well beyond that

  • You can imagine a farmer managing a entire farm from a smart phone, the security camera’s, the sensors , the irrigation equipment all of them can be connected so that it works better together.
  • A cities public transportation system: Buses, bus Schedules, parking spots you could manage traffic maintenance and create a much better experience for people, living in the city.

So we have a range of possibilities everything is endless there are whole lot of challenges.

  • Today people are making connected devices like smart light bulbs, but its really hard for smart manufactures just like early days smart phones you don’t know exactly how to build a software stack, developers don’t know how to target these experiences and finally for users it is really confusing to make all of this work together, we are fortunate to have nest.
  • Nest have been working hard a taking traditional devices in the home and re-imagining them for users they have already done that with the thermostat and the smoke detector and they’ve been very very successful.
  • So, we work collaborated closely we pulled in people from the nest the Android and the chrome OS teams to take a fundamentally new approach to the internet of things and we want to provide an end to end complete solution for our ecosystem.

What is Internet of things and Why should you care?

The Internet:- The internet has been around for a white but it’s been mostly the product of people, so all the data and images and recordings and games and books and commerce and all of that was created by people for people and about people.

  • The internet is one of the most important and trans-formative technologies ever invented.
  • Internet is like a digital fabric that’s woven into the lives of all of us in one way or another, the internet of people change the world well there is a new internet emerging and it’s poised to change the world again you see this new internet is not just about connecting people its about connecting things and so its named “The Internet of Things
  • Thing can start to share their experiences with other things.
  • It works like that, you take things and then you add the ability to sense and communicate and touch and control and there you get an opportunity for things to interact and collaborate with other things.




  • We as human beings we interact and contribute and collaborate with other people in our own environment through our five sense
  1. Smelling
  2. Touch
  3. Taste
  4. Hearing
  5. Seeing

Well imagine the things with the ability to sense and to touch and then add the ability to communicate and that’s where the internet of people and the internet of things intersect.

What are some examples of these things?

Smart Phone

You would not believe it how many senses, your smart phone has it knows where you are, it knows if you are moving, it knows how you are holding it, it knows how much light in the room, it knows how close it is to your face, it knows what you are saying to it and even has an eye so it can see its surroundings and it also has ability to communicate on a wireless network.

My Bracelet

I am wearing it, therefore it tracks my activity, it even knows how well I have slept and it can communicate on a network.

A Thermostat

But this thermostat does way more than just know the temperature in the room it knows weather someone is in a room or not and it learns and tracks home and away patterns to ensure comfort and save energy and it communicates on a network so one can control it from a far.

Light Bulbs

With these light bulbs one can create all kinds of moods with brightness in and light and dimming and so on but because they communicate on a network they know how to listen, so one can tell them or other things can tell them to turn on/off or blink.

Garage door opener

It opens the largest door in home and because it communicates on a network every time it does it lets one to know get it open or closed or one can open or close it from anywhere.


This is the thing that I can step on and it automatically records my weight and puts it in a fitness app.


It tracks dogs activities the same way that owner do. Now there’s a lot of things that were manufactured and build before the internet of the things and the good news is that we have tools and systems that allow you to add sensing and communication capabilities to existing things.

Arduino board

The device on the left it’s pretty common in hobbyist circles and prototype applications.

Programmable Automation Controller

And the device on the right gives things the ability to sense and communicate.

What are some real world examples of these things:

  • Well allow me to take you on a pictorial of my typical day or my typical morning in the internet of things.
  • There I am lying blissfully asleep and I have my armband onn and the beauty of that is sensing my sleep cycles and it knows the most opportune moment to gracefully wake me up by gently vibrating and blinking a light well.
  • When that happens my bracelet sends a message to other things in my home and pretty soon a chain of events starts to occur where my things are talking to other things.
  • For example:- My thermostat goes up to 80 as my whole house fans start up and draw all the cool memory air into my home which pre-cools my home, allows me to not turn on my air conditioning for later in the afternoon saves me boat load electricity.
  • And my coffeemaker start-ups and my bedside lamp fades too bright.
  • Then I get up n the morning and take my dog for a walk so I put his whistle thing on his collar and off we go.

Healthy dog is a happy dog..


  • Internet of things was born at the point in time where there were more things on the internet than people.
  • This occurred around 2008 today there’s owner 10 billion devices things on the internet or about 1.5 for every person on the planet that’s expected to balloon to 50 billion by 2020.
  • That’s going to course you sure in dramatic the billions of dollars of economic growth in utilities and automotive and electronic and health care.

  • We all want to live better lives and the technologies that are inherent in the internet of things like the ability to sense communicate acquire data and so on.
  • This will help us build processes and systems that will deliver better health care through remote diagnostics and monitoring and bring a safer environment with like early warning systems for tsunami or earthquake.

Tech’s already has a proven track record of providing new levels of comfort for us and certainly convenience in automating everyday tasks.

But wisdom what is that about?

So let’s reference the knowledge pyramid.

We all know that wisdom comes from sensing the world around us and collecting all the raw data and seeing how it comes together with patterns and trends and that turns into knowledge and of-course what we drive from knowledge is wisdom.

So yes I believe that the internet of thing is perfect thing to collect a lot of this data to turn it into wisdom and move the human race forward.

Here is an example of knowledge

Google flu

So what you know what google has done?

  • They started tracking the location and frequency of search terms related to the flu, symptoms flue, diseases flue, treatments.
  • And what they found is that there was a pattern that existed between the search terms and where flue activity was recently so they build the website which is used by hospital personnel urgent care centers and medical professionals all kinds to understand what is occurring.
  • Because we all know that the early detection of a disease can reduce the effect on a lot of us so its certainly another class where the Internet of things can be the way to aggregate the state data and help us all.

In 1991 at Mark Weiser ripe wrote an article for the Scientific American that said-“The most profound technologies are those that disappear, they weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from this.”


Agreed, because Tech is most useful when it disappear then no conversation about internet of things is complete without discussing security and privacy.

“Privacy is paramount, therefore security is very very important.”

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