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Best Jobs



The network marketing is changing faster than that you may realize, change in particular sector of population and technological advancements could lead to net loss of 5 millions of jobs by 2020.

According to the report published by the world economic forum, in total, the report estimates that 7.1 million jobs could be lost, the majority of which will be very called of its administrative positions.

Another report called the future of jobs, surveyed that exactly, from the 350 employees across 9 industries in 15 of the world’s largest economies to come up with, its predictions, with how the availability of employment and labour, in terms of supply and demand the markets will evolve.

And for many jobs, in the coming years or the next five years, the report predicts that there also be sudden occupation that are in higher demand.


Further, you will come to know some of the job, career goals which are expected to see this close.


8 jobs every company will be hiring for, by 2020 are as follows

1.Data Analysts.
2.Computer and mathematical.
3.Architects and engineering jobs.
4.More specialized sales people.
5.Senior managers.
6.Product designers.
7.Human resources and organizational development specialists.
8.Demand for regulatory and government relatives experts.



1. Data Analysts

Data analysts will be in high demand.


2. Computer and mathematical jobs

These jobs will also continue to get a boost especially in the following areas

a.Computer programming.
b.Software developers.
c.Information security analytics.
d.And more in this round.


3. Architects and engineering jobs

These jobs will remain stable, during the next 4 coming years, the men who are skilled in the architectural and design engineering job will continue to increase.

Especially the report states that if we go for the engineers focusing on bio-chemicals, nano-technology, products, and materials then by 2020, 2 million of jobs will be created worldwide that found the computer, mathematical, architecture, and engineering fields.


4. More specialized salespeople

Specialized sales people will be needed, as technological advancement will continue to interrupt industries, such industries will be a growing need for specializing salespeople, companies offering to a wide range of clients, this includes businesses, governments, consumers along with new leads the company had never worked it before.

For Example- As content is increasingly consumed on the logo, a digital media company would want to hire salespeople, who are aware of ins and outs of the logo advertising.


5. Senior managers

Senior managers will be needed in industries to lead companies through periods of transformation. Industries also need the new type of senior managers, to help these companies to navigate rough borders of change.


6. Product designers

Product designers are not going anywhere, one of the top skills, in demand, by 2020 will be creativity, according to the report, this will work because many jobs are anonymous and auto matted. But creative jobs still require a human being.

One occupation said to increase designers specifically commercial designers, these are the people which design and develop, products like cars, appliances, alliance’s, gadgets and other manufactured goods.


7. Human resources and organizational development specialists

These people will also be needed, to help re-skilled workers, while technological and socio-economical changes, will cause some jobs to disappear completely, there also be a need for new jobs created, and people needed to fill them.

One way company, explained to find the tower for these jobs, is by training existed employee today, development specialists and human resource professionals will be needed now, only for hiring in a competitive market, also it helps employees to develop new skills.


8. Demand for regulatory and government relative experts

Demand for such people will continue to increase as company in-place new technologies. As companies adopt and develop emerging technologies, they were also be looking to hire those from no-where with the navigation of galleries and these spaces.

For example:- As traditional automakers, and tech companies, car developers, they hire people to understand development loss and who can work with government regulation to ascertain the best way to implement these technologies.






Which degree is important?

  • 2 million people apply for job @Google per year.
  • But google select only 5000 people for work.


Following degree holders apply for the job at Google

a. Software engineers

b. Bachelor of Science

c. Master of Science



But at the same time, the only degree is not enough:-

a. Knowledge is very important.

b. Algorithms.

c. Data structure.

d. Programming languages (c/c++/java).



This is also not enough

a.Only 20% knowledge provides success.
b. confidence also matters.
c. EQ(emotional quotient).
d. Language.
e. How you interact with people.

Now,Why non-degree people get the job in google

Following are the main reasons for that:-

1.  A Non-degree does not indicate zero knowledge.
2. Google needs knowledge.
3. Needs technology.

But people with no technical background also get the job at Google



1. Accounting

2. Finance

3. The degree is only an entry pass.


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