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Automation and Robotics

Automation and Robotics


Automation and Robotics

  • Automation and Robotics is a branch of Engineering subject.
  • But it can also be studied as per interest.

What is Automation?

  • Automation is a word taken from the word automatic.
  • Automatic means that, it is a sequence of instructions which are running behind the machine.

Let us take an example:-
Lift :- In lift when “x” person enters, then a sensor works because when a person enters in lift door will and after the entry of person door will get close, it does not happen automatically, it happens because the first sensor will work and then motors will work and after that other things will happen.
So we think that all the things are happening automatically, but behind every concept, we have program, i.e sequence of instructions which is known as automation.

What is Robotics?

The word robotics says that it is a branch of technology that deals with
1. Design.
2. Construction.
3. Operation and,
4. Application of robots.

What is Robot?

An Automatic device or system that performs function belonging to humans, which appears to be almost as HUMAN INTELLIGENCE.

Example:- Automatic hand washes which sense hands, works on human intelligence method.


How robot comes into existence what is the history behind that?

1. Robot word was introduced in 1920.
2. It comes from the word ROBOTA, which means workers or slaves.

History of robots

In 1920 a word Robot was introduced then after 8 years first two-armed robot of aluminium body came into existence.

Then further inventions are performed and various universities participated in like:-
1. MIT
2. Standford university.

Some other companies also invested like:-
1. IBM
2. US Companies
3. Japan Companies
and made different types of robots.

For Example:-
In 1903, US company made a six-legged robot, this robot can lift weight 2-3 times greater weight than its own weight.

In future inventions many other types of the robot were invented for example:-
1. Military robot
2. Mining robot
3. Medical robot
4. General purpose robots.

Why we use Robots in place of Humans?

  • To eliminate a human operation(regular work) so that human intelligence or human mind do advance things.
  • To save labour and reduce cost:- In various medical departments there are various sensitive works in which PhD level of study is required and for this kind of studies, high finance is required. So at such places robots can be used because, any industries production is checked sensitively like medical department, in this if any atom got damaged then a life may be at risk, all such work is very sensitive and depends on the speed of words.
  • While robots will have constant sensitivity and constant speed of work.
  • On the other hand, the human mind is not that sensitive and sometimes speed is also not maintained it can be slow or fast.
  • Some companies work on Gamma rays, some works on cosmic rays while other works on various radioactive particles which is dangerous for human life, so at such places to use human is not an intelligent task.
    Therefore at such places, we use robots so that human life is not a danger.
  • Humans have some limitations.
    1. We can not fly.
    2. We can not carry high weights etc.

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