Monika Khilrani 

Managing Partner | IT Recruiting Company

      Co-founder | Managing Partner | | Entrepreneur| Strategist| Creative Fact based Thinker


Working Style :-

We develop partnership not just customers. Our relationships with our partners rely upon more than a simple one time transaction. Profoundly driven and perfectionist by nature, Monika Khilrani is committed to her clients, candidates and associates. She devotes her time in analyzing business models, automating processes and systematic operating structures. To ensure flawless placements and candidate and client satisfaction, Monika also maintains and regularly enhances a database that helps associates/clients compatibility. The results of her dedication are palpable.


  • Because you love technology.
  • Constant learning.
  • Expanding upon yourself.
  • Variety of jobs.
  • Not get Bored.
  • Daily updation.
  • Uniqueness in content is maintained.
  • Development.
  • Great knowledge at finger tips.
  • High demanding topics are covered.
  • Higher professional information.
  • Because you love to learn new technology.
  • New stuff.
  • It grows and expands, almost every single day, something new, coming out you.
  • Top content.
  • Customer service is instant.
  • It helps at administrative level, patience level, passionate level.

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